Shawarma Wraps

Chicken Shawarma wrap

Comes with Salad,Chicken and Shawrama Sauces. 

Beef Shawarma Wrap

Comes with Salad, Beef and Shawarma Sauces. 

Falafel Wrap

Comes with Salad,three Falafel and Shawrama Sauces. 

Kabob wrap

Comes with Salad, kebob and Shawrama Sauces. 

Shawarma Platters

Kabob Platter

Comes with all salad, garlic potatoes, Rice,chicken or beef and comes with shawarma sauces 

Beef Shawarma Platter

Comes with Salad, Rice, Garlic potatoes,Beef and Shawarma Sauces. 

Falafel Platter

Comes with Salad, six pieces of Falafel,Rice, Garlic potatoes and Shawarma Sauces. 

Chicken Shawarma Platter

Comes with Salad, Rice, Garlic potatoes, Chicken and Shawarma Sauces. 


Kabob Salad

Greek Salad

Chicken Shawarma Salad

Falafel Salad

Beef Shawarma Salad

Homemade Burgers

Veg Burger

Beef Burger

Chicken Burgers

Hot Dogs

Beef hot dogs

Chicken hot dogs

Beef Sausage

Veg hot dogs


Chicken Shawarma Poutine

Beef Shawarma poutine

Veg Poutine

Side Order

Six Pieces of Falafel


Onion Rings

Garlic Potatoes

Crispy Fries

Fresh Cut Fries